The 8 Best Web3 Development Tools

Minimize engineering spend, cut dev time down, and accelerate your go-to-market schedule with these essential tools web3 development tools. All while decreasing risk and improving security.
Nic Salhuana
September 28, 2022

Let’s cut to the chase: if you’re building in web3 — which you should be — you need the best web3 development tools around. You need the kind of dev tools that help you minimize engineering spend, cut dev time down, and accelerate your go-to-market schedule — while decreasing risk and improving security. Let’s take a look at the eight hottest web3 developer tools right now and see what they’re getting right, and how you can put them to smart use. 

1. OpenZeppelin

Building smart contracts from scratch is time consuming, ineffective and pointless — especially when you can tap into OpenZeppelin’s library of smart contracts. Based on common implementations, these pre-vetted contracts let you jump straight in, reducing your engineering spend and your time-to-market. Here’s the best part: you can deploy both Contracts and Defender — OpenZeppelin’s two star products — for free. 

What makes OpenZeppelin special

2. Alchemy

Need a simple connection to an L1? Alchemy's industry-leading set of web3 development tools is just what the chief engineer ordered. Used by Polygon, Zerion, and Ox, it’s one of the easiest ways to build and scale blockchain apps while using outside data. Dev tools like the Explorer, Composer, and Mempool Visualizer make it so much easier to optimize performance and catch bugs without sinking engineering hours into it. 

You can start with the free forever plan and scale into growth and enterprise when you need extra power. 

What makes Alchemy special

3. QuickNode

Building blockchain applications can be an intense, time-consuming process — with QuickNode, it doesn’t have to be. You can stand up production, staging, and testing environments fast so you can push your product out the door. Everything here is designed to make your life as a web3 developer easier — from the thorough documentation to the ‘one-line-of-code’ connectors.

You can start for free with 10 million API credits and scale up to 500+ million API credits through the enterprise plan. 

What makes QuickNode special

4. Infura

Need a powerful suite that brings everything you need to build on web3 into one big, disruptive package? Then Infura may be the web3 developer tool you’re searching for. It’s got everything you need to start: brilliant, detailed documentation, built-in scalability, and lightning fast response times. The core functionality is free — and as you need more requests, you can scale into the package that’s right for you. And you can add addons for extra Ethereum requests and transactions. 

What makes Infura special

5. Chainlink

Want to support advanced smart contracts between blockchain and non-blockchain systems with tamper-proof inputs, outputs and computations? Good. To do that, you need an oracle a.k.a. something that connects the two systems. Chainlink is one of the best oracles around. It seamlessly connects real-world data to the blockchain so you can run smart contracts and really get the best of both worlds. 

What makes Chainlink special

6. Truffle

Truffle has a bit of everything to sweeten the web3 development tools deal. From smart contracts to a one-click testing blockchain environment, the chocolate-inspired suite has something for every dev. And Truffle is open source so you can get started for free and contribute to different projects as you go. 

What makes Truffle special

7. Hardhat

Looking for one of the best web3 development tools for building on Ethereum? You’ve found it.  With Hardhat you can build seriously fast because you get a little bit of everything. The Hardhat network makes it easy to test and debug your dApp on a local network. The VS code extension adds language support for Solidity. And the Hardhat runner helps you automate recurring tasks. The price is great too — you can get started for free.

What makes Hardhat special

8. SlashAuth

Need a way to protect content and gate certain parts of your apps? That’s where SlashAuth can help. With it, you can guard your app's sensitive information and ensure only the right people have access to your content. It’s a simple way to manage login functionality, role-based access control, data storage, and more.

What makes Slashhauth special

Best-in-breed web3 developer tools for every need

Building complex dApps (and apps!) isn’t easy. To launch faster and build better, smart teams lean into the best web3 development tools. Creating with them reduces deployment time, helps you mitigate risk, and lets you go to market faster, for lower dev costs — a win-win scenario, if there ever was one.

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