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Ship authentication and authorization in minutes

SlashAuth is designed to provide easy drop-in components for hassle-free low code development, making it the go-to solution for web developers looking to save time and effort

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Effortless Onboarding

Log in, authorize, and analyze with a single integration

Our drop-in components are fully customizable and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing codebase, making it easy to add powerful features without disrupting your workflow.

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Track analytics

Powerful insights on user engagement for your web-based app.
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Gate content

Control who has access to different parts of your web application.
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Customize appearance

Keep your user experience seemless by customizing SlashAuth components to match your brand.
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Manage users

Guard your app's sensitive information and ensure only the right people have access to your content.
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Use Cases

Authentication for whatever you need secured

Organization permissions. Utilize role based access control with SlashAuth.
Gated commerce. Give memebers exclusive access to merchandise.
Membership communities. Add value to your community with gated content.
Gaming. Allow users to log in to the game with social accounts.

Powerful integrations for greater flexibility

Use Cases

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Web3 authentication for your dApps in 15 minutes

Guard your app's sensitive information and ensure only the right people have access to your content.

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Web3 authentication without the cost of rolling your own

Save yourself hundreds of hours in development and maintenance. Drop in the SlashAuth component for instant authentication that’s both secure and reliable.

The easy-to-implement authorization platform

Keep malicious actors out and assign roles to the users you trust.

  • Safer than DIY. No hefty development costs, learning curve, or security vulnerabilities.

  • Secure into the future. Constantly updated to stay ahead of compliance requirements.

Authenticate your users with confidence

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