How to Promote NFTs: Free and Paid Ideas You Can Rely On

Learn how to build an effective NFT promotion strategy that gets your NFTs in front of the right people.
Nic Salhuana
October 30, 2022

So you minted an NFT — great! But what do you do next? You need a watertight promotion strategy to help you grow your reach and popularity, and ultimately grow a community. 

NFT promotion is a big, important question that most of our clients deal with. This article is based on their experiences and recommendations. (At SlashAuth, we help secure NFT communities with web3 auth.)

Let’s look at the best ways to promote your NFT.

How to promote Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Here’s an inconvenient truth: investors and collectors with an eye for great NFTs, don’t all hang out in the same place. There’s no single secret Discord room, OpenSea listing hack, or NFT influencer that can get you in front of the right audience. You have to get creative to find them. 

Then there’s the other part: with so much hype and excitement around the space, an effective NFT promotion strategy has to show people why they should care. To help you put yours together, let’s take a look at the hottest NFT promotion ideas around.

Planning your winning NFT promotion strategy

The first step in planning your promotion strategy is determining your budget in terms of money and time. How much cash and hours do you have to invest in NFT promotion? Once you’ve decided this, you can figure out how to best deploy your resources for maximum impact. 

If you have more money than time, you can run paid ad campaigns, work with select influencers, or hire an agency to run the whole thing for you. If you have more time than money, you can take the grassroots approach and build awareness through guerilla marketing campaigns on social media. Or if you have a bit of time and a bit of cash, you can take the hybrid road. 

Setting the groundwork for an unforgettable free NFT promotion

With a bit of time, hard work, and a smart strategy, the best things in life can be free. An effective free NFT promotion strategy relies on building up your social media presence and influence. You can do this through your private account, by building up a dedicated NFT account, or a mix of both. Each channel needs a slightly different approach but we’ll touch on that in a bit. First, let’s talk about ads. 

How to run an effective paid NFT promotion

If you do have some budget to spend, paid NFT promotions can help you get the news out there. Fast. But how do you make sure you’re not just throwing money at the internet? It all starts with hiring the right people. 

How to hire the right NFT promotion agency for you

Hiring a marketing agency for a traditional business is hard. Hiring an NFT promotion agency is even harder. You’ve got influencer-focused agencies like NeoReach, community-focused ones like OmniDigital, and everyone in between. 

Choosing the right one starts with defining your goals. Before you approach any agency, set an internal budget and answer the following questions:

After you have your answers, make a short list of agencies that deliver results in this space. Take a look at their track record:

Once you’re satisfied they’ve got what it takes, book a strategy call so you can meet the team and figure out if you’re right for each other. 

If hiring a full-blown agency isn’t on the cards for you yet, let’s talk about some effective (and free!) NFT promotion methods you can use. 

Where to promote your NFTs for free

If you don’t have a huge budget, don’t worry — you can still get your NFT into the hands of the right people. It will just take a bit of social media marketing magic. (And no. You don’t have to be an expert or have a huge following to get this right.)

How to promote NFTs on Instagram without putting people off

Between Instagram Stories, videos, and standard posts, Instagram gives you a lot of flexibility. If you’re new to Insta, and you’re not sure how to promote your NFT, you need to start with the basics: a killer bio, a link that directs to your NFT, and a list of great hashtags. And if you don’t have a business account yet, set one up. This will help you promote your NFT on two fronts. 

Next, you need to build a strategy. NFTs are a hot topic—but they’re also confusing. People don’t know who or what to trust. That’s why, if you want to stand out and last, your strategy needs to include more than promo posts. Experiment with:

How to promote your NFTs on OpenSea 

Listing your NFT on OpenSea is a rite of passage. The listing itself is part promo: it makes you discoverable to people actively searching for the next great NFT. You can sell your NFT here directly for a set price or you can sell via auction. Getting started is easy — you just need to decide how to list and what fees to set. 

How to promote NFTs on Twitter the right way

Twitter is (still) one of the best places to connect with other creators and build your authority in the space. If you’re still wondering how to promote your NFT, this is where you can show it off, talk about its utility, and share your opinions at the same time. 

Start by following other creators and engage with their posts. After a bit of back-n-forth, get involved in Twitter chats. Don’t be shy: share your thoughts on the future of the market, engage with other users, and—where appropriate—talk about your NFT’s appeal and functionality. 

How to promote NFTs on Discord

Community building is a huge part of effective NFT promotion—especially if your NFT has a membership or special access utility. Discord is one of the best places to grow and develop that community. Start by setting up your NFT server and inviting any current owners or people on your shortlist. This community should become the go-to place for your NFT discussions. But don’t just hang out in your rooms—join other communities so you can develop partnerships with the people there. 

How to promote an NFT on Reddit without getting kicked out

Worried your lack of following on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok will hold your promotion efforts back? This is where Reddit can ride to the rescue. Start by joining—and becoming active—in the subreddit for the blockchain you’re minting on. Next, get familiar with the code of conduct: rules on promotion can be pretty strict so focus on delivering value. And make sure you connect your handle to your other social media channels so people can find you.

How to promote an NFT on TikTok without being like everyone else

If you’re not promoting on TikTok, you should be. The algorithm here makes it easier for people to stumble on your content through their ‘For You’ page than more ‘mature’ social media platforms. Plus, the audience is heavily weighted toward demographics that invest in and collect NFTs

To succeed, use a mix of content including:

An NFT promotion strategy that works for you 

There’s no magic ‘this will work every single time’ guide to NFT promotion—if there was, you’d be using it already. The key is to experiment with different channels and content styles until you find something that works for you. When you find it, double down on it. 

But before you start promoting, make sure everything you build is secure (so your new NFT community won’t hate you later). SlashAuth makes that quick and easy. Secure your web3 community with SlashAuth.

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