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As a core engineer at Slashauth, you will act as our technical lead to drive architecture, design, and implementation decisions within our platform. You will deliver crucial components that will drive business impact including our datastore solution, on-chain representation for auth, and cross-chain auth. You will be responsible for driving industry leading customer experience with > 99.95% uptime of our system.

In short you will drive business results for Slashauth by architecting, building, and maintaining industry leading software.

About Slashauth

Slashauth is building the development platform for web3 builders (think “firebase for web3”). Products built on web3 are the future of community and organizational structures and is a rapidly growing market. Every web3-enabled will adopt platforms to power their development.

Cofounders Ned Rockson and Nic Salhuana are both engineers and have deep experience building for developers and on blockchain applications. Prior to working in crypto they worked together building the fraud detection team at Amazon (Twitch) as well as rearchitecting Twitch’s commerce platform.

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Slashauth is building the developer platform for web3 companies (”Firebase for web3”) starting with the auth layer. Web3 is the future for products that connect people and we are powering developers to build, deploy, and run the next generation of apps.

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